the sample

Designing, then having my own, independent shoe created has been surreal. A 2+ year journey is finally reaching its first destination in the process.

This shoe is a manifestation of the exploration of the depths of my own trauma. I wanted to create a shoe that focused on creating conversations surrounding mental health, just as I do with my apparel.

Each shoe will be result of the messages I've shared with my apparel, message that I needed myself, usually as an outcome or revealing moment in therapy or self awareness. My hope is that if I need the messages to grow or heal, there is at least one other person in the world who is seeking for or needs them as well.
This is a journey.

I know this shoe and the many that come after it won't be from everyone. I know there will be a lot of critics. However, my hope is that what I continue to create offers a place of refuge, creativity, vulnerability, and dialogue.

Full video:

Juan Wilson "the sample"